About SEL.IL
Promoting Social-Emotional Learning in Israel

SEL.IL Promoting Social-Emotional Learning in Israel is an applied academic center that is part of the Baruch Ivcher School of Psychology at the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. Our goal is to promote the implementation of social-emotional learning (SEL) throughout the entire Israeli educational system. We do so through research, sharing knowledge based on real data, advising policymakers, and developing a variety of training and other programs.

Working Together

This goal is important and exciting, but also complex and challenging. We believe that cooperating with all those who can contribute to our activities or benefit from them is vital to accomplishing our goal in the optimal manner. We therefore have been cooperating with researchers from different disciplines, the Israeli Ministry of Education, philanthropic funds, local authorities, schools, and parents from the very beginning.


SEL for the Next Generation

We all have come to share the understanding that the education system’s role is much greater than merely conveying knowledge. Today more than ever, we understand that the education system must equip the next generation with social-emotional skills and competencies. These skills will enable the next generation to develop optimally and cope efficiently with a complex realities and a dynamic, changing world.

Our Experience – The Numbers

For the past decade, we have been active in the educational systems serving every sector of Israeli society. During this period, we have trained:

  • 4,700 educators and school staff members
  • 350 preschool educators and staff members
  • 220 psychologists
  • 75,600 pupils, ranging from pre-school to high school, participated in our flagship program, I Can Succeed (ICS)
  • We delivered presentations at 31 major academic conferences around the globe

Researchers, psychologists, and counselors cooperate on our team. All of them are leaders in their respective fields in Israel and – just as importantly – speak the language of SEL fluently! Senior researchers with immense experience in SEL from around the world advise and guide our activities.

Feedback from Our Partners

“Zichron Ya’akov decided to implement SEL throughout the entire town in an effort to create the infrastructure for a local language and increase awareness of the importance of emotional processes as well as learning processes. We built the program to serve all age groups, from pre-school to high school. The program focuses on different areas for each age group so that is relevant to the pupils.

“The program really proved itself during the lockdown to counter the spread of the Coronavirus. The pupils and educational staff found themselves coping with an unprecedented challenge and the program, which endows them with innovative tools and emotional support, among other benefits, helped us and the pupils navigate this period in the optimal manner.”

Dr. Miriam Panoyan

Director of the Municipal Education Department in Zichron Ya’akov

“I met Daphne and her team when the ICS program was just starting and I was the principal of the Tet Municipal High School in Tel Aviv. From that point onward, for more than a decade, our paths have crossed repeatedly. We share the belief that education must be based on supportive, humane relationships, must be connected to the community, and must confer skills to prepare the young generation to succeed academically and socially in the future. In my opinion, that is the key to closing gaps and social change.

“As a principal, I believe in teamwork based on trust, personal responsibility, and – most of all – leading processes based on facts. Those were the principles that guided us in working with ICS at the Tet school and in the Herzliya municipal education system. The same is true today at the Kalay High School, where for the past two years we have developing and implementing SEL as an infrastructure and language that the high school’s entire educational team shares.”

Dr. Avi Benbenishty

Longtime Educator, Principal of the Kalay High School in Givatayim, Past Deputy Director-General and Head of the Municipal Education Department in Herzliya

“We defined the vision for our school and its atmosphere together with the experts from SEL.IL. We built a general plan of action, integrating the language and the principles in all of our activities. In addition, we worked together to create a database so that our work would be precise and we would be able to monitor our progress.

“Today the program is operating in all our classes, from first grade through sixth grade. The results can be felt in every sphere. I feel that we have succeeded to transform our educational staff, students, and parents into SEL speakers. It is the language of the school and I believe it will accompany the students as they continue onward in life.”

Valery Azachi

Principal of the Sharet Elementary School in
Kiryat Ono